with Lopon Phurba Dorje of Bhutan in Puebla, Mexico

The Total Embodiment of Samantabadra’s Enlightened Intention

Dear Dharma Friends,

All students interested in pursuing the study and practice of The Total Embodiment of Samantabadra’s Enlightened Intention, i.e., the original, unexpurgated and unembellished Khandro Nying-tik Dzogchen Lineage of Guru Rinpoche, have an excellent opportunity to engage in extensive study and practice with an authentic teacher of this lineage, Lopon Phurba Dorje of Bhutan.

As his attached bio relates, Lopon was born in Gangteng Valley the same year as Gangteng Tulku, Rinpoche, and was directed on a path toward mastery of both the practices and teachings of the Pema Lingpa Lineage through study in Mysore with H.H. Penor Rinpoche followed by two 3-year retreats at Gangteng Gonpa.

Lopon has been teaching in the U.S. since 1998. With his command of English, Lopon is able to take a direct, personal approach with western students to help them to grasp the inner meanings of both teachings and practice.

This 10-day teaching/practice intensive (partial attendance is fine) has been organized by Guadalupe (Lupita) Diaz Sesma in Puebla, Mexico. Direct flights to Puebla are available through Texas; Mexico City airport provides luxury busses to Puebla as well. Once in Puebla, all expenses of transportation, rooms and meals are included in the price of the program.

Here is the summary of activities and the package cost, provided by Lupita.

7 nights in the retreat House in Atlixco
2 night in a Hostal in Puebla for the night of arrival and the night of departure
2 nights in the Hermitage in the mountains for Ground, Path and Fruition Retreat
33 meals (11 days with 3 meals and snacks per day)
All teachings and empowerments
Transportation from Puebla airport to hotel and hotel to airport. Also transportation to the Hermitage and back, and to Atlixco and back.
City Tour on Thursday 19th
Total Cost $1,200 USD

Contact Lupita through her email to register, or with any questions about the retreat.


May 18: Lopon Phurba Dorji Arrives
May 19: Tour Puebla and Cholula
May 20 – 22: Ground, Path & Fruition Teaching
May 23: Amitayus (Long Life) Empowerment
May 24: Riwo Sangchod Teaching (Smoke Offering Practice)
May 25: Dzogchen Meditation teachings
May 26 – 28: Ngondro Teaching in Pema Linga Preliminary Practices
May 29: Siddhi Empowerment with Guru Rinpoche Tsok Feast
May 30: Depart

Lupita, and certainly YK in North America, hope that many students will benefit, and their dharma practice will grow, through this opportunity to connect with Lopon Phurba Dorje for the first time, or to deepen their connection with him.

Best regards,

Charles Samuelson

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