H.H. Gangteng Rinpoche´S Schedule in Europe

20th July   Delhi – Ukraine      Arrival Ukraine 

22nd- 27th July    Ukraine     Public talk (Dharma & Pema Lingpa
                                                Teaching on Ngöndros
                                                Guru Rinpoche wang
                                                Amitayus wang
                                                Khandro Tuktik wang (cycle of Dudjom tersar)

28th July            Estonia        Travel to Estonia and rest

29th-30th July   Estonia        Teaching program or wang to be defined 

31st July                                 Travel to Blye (Genova airport) 

1st-4th August     Pema Yang Dzong     Preparation for Pedling Chökhor 

5th-25th August     Pema Yang Dzong     PEDLING CHOKHÖR 

26th-28th August      Pema Yang Dzong   Rest

29th-31th August       Travel to Zurich and visits 

1st September           Zurich    Evening : Public talk on Peling lineage and Dzogchen practices 

2nd September           Zurich     The Lion’s Roar (text of Jigma Lingpa) 

3rd September            Zurich   Chöd empowerment 

4th September            Zurich    Visits 

5th September             Travel to Paris 

6th-7th September       Paris     Teaching « A Lamp to Dispel Darkness » (Mipham Rinpoche) 

8th September             Paris    Visits

9th September             Paris   Departure for Delhi (evening) 

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